Lessons Learned at UC Berkeley

(Also see EH&S Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) Lessons Learned Database)

Vacuum Chamber Over-pressurization (October 2019)

Plastic Secondary Container Shatters Due to Dry Ice Sublimation (May 2019)

Fall from Fixed Ladder with Grab Bars Results in Injury and Fine (October 2018)

Nitric Acid Waste Over-pressurization Event (July 2018)

Eye Exposure to Specular and Diffuse Reflections (October 2016)

Dry Scraping Causes Chemical Explosion (November 2015)

Corrosive Waste Spill (August 2015)

Eye Exposure to Specular Reflection (July 2015)

Chemical Explosion Causes Eye Injury (May 2015)

Severe Finger Injury from Wedding Ring (July 2013)

Lab Fire Caused By Hotplate Heating Oil Bath That Injured Researcher (March 2013)

Glass Reactor Over-pressurization Causes Serious Injury to Grad Student Researcher (October 2011)

Ethanol Fire Burns Researcher (July 2011)

Accidental Mixing of Bleach and Acid (October 2009)

Ladder Fall Results in $19,125 Fine and Serious Injury (August 2009)

Pressurized Dewar Cap is Blown Off and Causes Minor Injury (February 2009)

Oleylamine Chemical Burn (December 2008)

Acetone Fire (July 2008)

Superconducting Magnet Explosion (July 2008)

Exposure to Poisonous Chemicals Due to Improper Storage and Unsafe Work Practices (June 2008)

Exposure to Bromine During a Laboratory Refrigerator Clean-up (June 2008)

Explosion of Concentrated Hydrofluoric Acid Waste Solution (June 2008)

Improperly Vented Experiment Causes Explosion and Burns (June 2008)

Discovery of an Old Container of Potentially Explosive Chemical (June 2008)

Exploding Cylinder in Garbage (July 2007)

Missing Guard on Incubator Fan Injures Post Doc (July 2007)

Reseacher Smells Toxic Fluorine Gas When Changing Out Gas Cylinder (April 2007)

Falling Compressed Gas Cylinder (March 2007)

Forklift Rollover (December 2006)

Peroxide Explosion Injures Campus Researcher (November 2006)

Fire Hazard with Immersion Water Heaters (September 2005)

Needlestick from Regular Trash (July 2005)

Injury Caused by High Voltage Capacitor Discharge (May 2005)

Improper Labeling Causes Injury from Acid Spray (September 2004)

Employee Receives Electrical Shock (March 2004)

Laser Safety in Research Laboratories (July 2003)

Bolt and Brace Your Shop Equipment (October 2002)

Hazardous Material Disposal (September 2002)

Paper Cutter Guards (November 2000)