Open two-way communication between management and employees on health and safety issues is essential to an injury-free, productive workplace. A variety of established communication systems to communicate safety issues to everyone are available:

Mandatory Safety Training

Safety Inspections

Communicating Safety Concerns

  • Tell your supervisor
  • Tell your Lab Safety Coordinator (if designated) and the Department Safety Coordinator
  • Complete Report of Unsafe Condition or Hazard word | pdf
    • This form should be used in conjunction with the Hazard Correction Report word | pdf
  • Contact EH&S
  • Anonymously report a safety concern
  • Contact Human Resources/Campus Shared Services and/or your union representative
  • Request a Safety Pause
    • Employees have the ability to request a Safety Pause to address a condition, behavior, or plan that they believe to be unsafe and that requires immediate action.
    • A good faith request for a Safety Pause made under this program constitutes a "protected disclosure" under the University of California Whistleblower Protection Policy.

Campus Safety Committees

Certain high-hazard activities and equipment require additional safety training and written pre-approval. Faculty-led committees issue use authorizations for high hazard activities to ensure the work is safe and monitored appropriately. These include:

A variety of other campus committees, including health & safety committees provided for by the applicable union contracts, address safety and encourage employee participation.