Labs @ Berkeley

Labs @ Berkeley (L@B) is a web application, created by Berkeley EH&S, that allows any campus laboratory member to view and edit information about researchers in their lab.

Log into L@B using your CalNet ID and you will see your lab’s roster. If you belong to more than one lab, select the name of the lab you wish to view or update from the pull-down list in the upper left corner of the page.

How do I:

Updating the Lab Roster

Keeping a lab roster up to date, with all current members and roles, is important for several reasons:

  • Getting the right protective equipment. Adding a member in L@B also adds them to the lab’s hazard assessment (LHAT), which researchers must certify before they can obtain lab coats and other PPE. How do I get my lab coat, safety glasses or splash goggles? provides more information.
  • Emails from EH&S. EH&S sends out important safety information periodically, when requirements change, and when incidents occur here at Berkeley or on other campuses. We try to keep these messages relevant to the work that you do by using the designated roles in L@B.
  • Training notifications. Certain training courses are required for all laboratory researchers, and other courses are required for working with specific hazards. For some of the common required trainings, EH&S sends notifications when your training needs to be updated.