Food and Water Safety

Protecting public health through inspection of campus facilities and infrastructure.

 How Do I:

Get a special event temporary food permit?

  1. Please read the Special Event Safe Food Handling Practices guidelines, and obtain approval through the Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S). The signature on the application acknowledges the sponsoring organization's acceptance of complying with EH&S's requirements for the distribution or sale of food.
  2. Apply for a permit.

Note: There is a maximum of three event dates in a 90 day period for each student organization or campus unit. One permit can cover up to three dates.

Schedule a water line disinfection?

Contact the campus sanitarian at (510) 812-0035 or

Campus specifications for disinfection of new domestic water piping are available in the Campus Design Standards.

The specifications are located in Section 33 01 10.58 Disinfection of Water Utility Piping Systems.

File a food or water complaint?

Complaints about drinking water, food facilities, or swimming pools may be directed to the campus sanitarian at (510) 812-0035 or

See inspection results for food vendors on campus?

Choose a facility to see the most recent inspection report. For a complete history, hardcopy files are available for review at EH&S. If you have any questions, contact the campus sanitarian at (510) 812-0035 or

Request a food facility plan review?

Contact the campus sanitarian at (510) 812-0035 or

Get food safety training?

Contact the campus sanitarian at (510) 812-0035 or