Radiation Safety

Radiation SafetyRadiation Safety oversees and facilitates the use of radiation sources in research and instruction; helping to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.


Radiation Safety Committee

Summary of Charges

  • Reviews and approves all uses of ionizing radiation and radioisotopes
  • Establishes campus policy on ionizing radiation safety
  • Advises Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) staff in implementing campus radiation safety and radioactive waste programs in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Contact List for Committee on Radiation Safety

Chair: Peter Hosemann, Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering, peterh@berkeley.edu

EH&S Coordinator-Member: Jim De Zetter, Radiation Safety Officer, 812-0317, jimdezetter@berkeley.edu

Administrative Support: Contact EH&S at (510) 642-3073

EH&S Contact

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO): Jim De Zetter (510) 812-0317, jimdezetter@berkeley.edu