Workplace Safety at UC Berkeley

Workplace Safety Workplace Safety Program Overview

California state regulations require every employer to establish, implement and maintain an effective injury prevention program. In August 2017, the University adopted a campuswide Workplace Safety Program that serves as the university’s central program for creating a safe and healthful work environment. Having one program for the whole university helps to improve access, consistency, and usability across all departments. EH&S is the responsible department for overseeing the campuswide Workplace Safety Program.

This one-time mandatory training for all campus employees (faculty, staff and student employees) provides valuable information on responsibilities, work-related injuries and illnesses, analyzing hazards and applying controls, what to do in a campus emergency, and resources available to you. You can access the online e-course here(Reference: April 29, 2019 CalMessage)

Use the "Who's your DSC?" tool to find your Department Safety Coordinator.

Identifying Hazards

Hazards are identified, evaluated and corrected as a routine part of planning work and when warranted, through inspections. 

Work Related Injuries

This section provides resources and guidance about what you should do when somebody gets hurt at work.

What to Do in an Emergency

Emergency procedure signs are posted near the stairs and elevators in every building. These signs tell you what to do during different emergencies. 

Employee and Supervisor Responsibilities

Employees have the responsibility to follow safety procedures, including wearing proper safety equipment and completing appropriate training.


Open two-way communication between management and employees on health and safety issues is essential to an injury-free, productive workplace. 

Safety by Campus Role