Personal Protective Equipment for Lab and Shops

How can I return my lab coat?

Drop off extra lab coats Lab Coat Drop-off: Pack lab coat(s) in a bag or box and seal it. Bring the lab coat(s) to the Hazardous Materials Facility Monday-Friday, 6am-2:30pm.

Hazardous Materials Facility entrance

Hand the bag or box to a staff member. If you cannot gain entrance to the building, ring the doorbell outside the large sliding gate...

Resources and Guides

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

A JSA describes job tasks in step-by-step fashion, identifies associated hazards at each step, and outlines proper hazard controls that minimize the risk of injury or illness to the individual(s) performing that task.

JSAs Listed by Topic: Body Mechanics ...

Reminder: New Lab Coat Laundry Process

October 18, 2023
Information for Researchers

Earlier this fall, Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) launched a new lab coat laundry process.

Please perform the following steps if your lab coat is in need of laundering:

Fill out the Lab Coat Request Form to request a clean lab coat. Note: Clean lab coats will be delivered via campus mail to your mail code. Check your assigned mail...

Controlled Substances

Controlled Substances

UC Berkeley’s Controlled Substances (CS) program outlines required procedures pertaining to the procurement, use, storage, inventory, and disposal of controlled substances to comply with Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations. These procedures apply to all research and teaching activities using controlled substances.

Contact the EH&S Controlled Substances Program...

Laser Safety

Ensuring the safe use of lasers, laser systems, and non-ionizing radiation sources. How Do I: collapse all expand all Get authorized to use a laser? Please go to the UC Learning Center and enroll in the course titled...

Rochelle Galibut Nguyen

Lab Safety Specialist
Lab Safety
EH&S Inspections

Biological Safety

Providing support, in the form of risk assessment, review, consultation and training, for research at UC Berkeley that involves the use of recombinant DNA, biohazardous materials and biological toxins.

Biosafety How Do I: collapse all...

Lab Coat Storage Options

What are some lab coat storage options when space is an issue?

Space is tight for most labs on campus and the recent acquisition of multiple lab coats for every lab member is underscoring the issue. Clean lab coats can be folded and put away in a drawer until needed (remember to label the drawer for easy retrieval). Here are some storage options:

How do I get my lab coat cleaned/replaced if something spills on it?


Whether a lab coat should be laundered, disposed of, or given to EH&S for decontamination will depend on what was spilled on the coat.

Biological Radioactive Chemical


Spray with 10% bleach. Rinse after 20 minutes and let dry Send for laundering

If H-3 (Tritium) contamination is suspected:

Place the lab coat in a sealed bag. Label it with your name, date, and H-3 (Tritium). Contact the Radiation Safety Team for further assistance at (510) 642-3073 or radsafety@berkeley.edu...

Ren Ramos

Lab Safety Specialist
Lab Safety
EH&S Inspections