Report an Issue or Safety Concern

The Office of Environment, Health & Safety at the University of California, Berkeley must be notified immediately at (510) 642-3073 if any of the following occurs on campus property:

  • A worker fatality
  • An inpatient hospitalization,
  • A loss of any body part (e.g., fingertip), or
  • A possible permanent disfigurement.

Report a Safety Concern Online

Contact Information

  • (510) 642-3073 during business hours
  • (510) 642-6760 during off hours
  • 911 (or (510) 642-3333 from a cell phone) in case of any life-threatening injury

Report an Injury

All work-related injuries and accident investigations must be reported and documented on the EFR website.

Report a ConcernFor step by step instructions, please refer to the How to Report a Work-Related Injury or Illness web page or the EFR Training for Supervisors Video.

Report a Spill

(510) 642-3073 during business hours | (510) 642-6760 during off-hours

Injury Reporting Quick Links