EH&S Inspections

The Office of Environment, Health & Safety provides inspection and self-assessment programs that assist campus with improving regulatory compliance and increase campus awareness of environment, health and safety issues.

Self-inspection Programs

Each year, EH&S initiates and tracks the completion of laboratory, shop, and materials handling and storage self-inspections and helps researchers and employees identify and correct unsafe practices and conditions. Documented self- inspections are necessary for compliance with Cal/OSHA and Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.

Self-Assessment Forms

Departments must assess their workspaces annually using the self-assessment forms below to meet the requirements of the campuswide Workplace Safety Program. The items in these forms can assist in identifying and correcting unsafe practices and conditions. Departments are encouraged to share the results of their annual self-assessments with the Department Safety Coordinator and applicable safety-related groups.

  • General Self-Assessment Form (word) | (pdf)
  • Office Self-Assessment Form (word) | (pdf)