Event Safety

 Ensuring safe and compliant campus events.

Fire & Life Safety during Events

An event permit may be required to ensure the fire and life safety of the campus community. Issues of concern include:

  • Expected attendance of fifty or more people
  • Campus space being used for other than normal purposes
  • Tents or canopies over 400 sq ft
  • Locations that could impact access by emergency vehicles
  • Use of open flame, pyrotechnics and/or compressed gas cylinders

For more details on fire safety see: Special Event Checklist

It is the responsibility of event organizers to ensure that vendors are aware of all regulations and requirements of the permit. If fire and life safety violations are found, event organizers will be given an opportunity for compliance. Failure to adhere to requirements may result in closure of the event.

How Do I:

Know what permits I need for an event?

Apply for event permits?

Get a food permit?

Food Safety

A food permit is required for any event where food will be provided to the general PUBLIC (or campus community) to reduce the risk of food contamination and foodborne illness.

For more details on the proper preparation, transportation, display, and disposal of the food products see: Safe Food Handling Practices.

How do I reserve a location for an event?

Locations may be reserved through the following resources:

Find out the maximum occupancy of a room?

You can find the seating capacity for all classrooms at the Office of the Registrar. For all other spaces on campus, or if you are planning on anything other than its normal use, please contact Fire Prevention at 510-642-3073 orfireprevention@berkeley.edu.


Temporary Structures

Tents, canopies, and other membrane structures over 400 square feet in size require a Special Event Permit through the Fire Prevention Division.

If multiple tents are being used and they are closer than 10 feet from each other, they will be considered as one.


Pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited unless direct approval has been granted by the Campus Fire Marshal.

Contact Fire Prevention at 510-642-3073, fireprevention@berkeley.edu.

Special Events Checklist

ASUC Auxiliary Event Services

Special Event Food Permit Changes

Download the Guidance on Catering Restrictions as catering restrictions for special event food permits have changed.

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