Safety by Subject

Biosafety Biological Safety

Providing support, in the form of risk assessment, review, consultation and training, for research at UC Berkeley that involves the use of recombinant DNA, biohazardous materials and biological toxins. Learn more.

Chemical Safety Chemical Safety

Ensuring the safe and compliant use of chemicals on campus. Learn more.

Construction Safety Construction Safety

Information and guidance for construction contractors work on the UC Berkeley campus. Construction contractors must be aware of their own obligations to comply with local, state and federal regulations as applicable to their work activities onsite. Learn More.

 Controlled Substances

Providing assistance and monitoring for the use of regulated drugs and precursors in research. Learn more.

 Diving Safety

The UC Dive & Boat Safety Consortium’s primary purpose is to provide UC Berkeley, UCI and UCM with the dive and boat safety oversight and support necessary for their campuses’ research projects involving SCUBA or boats. Learn more.

 Environmental Protection

Helping to protect and enhance the campus environment and providing permit and compliance management services. Learn more.

 Equipment and Tool Safety

Providing resources and guidance for the safe use of tools by UC Berkeley personnel. Learn more.

 Event Safety

Ensuring safe and compliant campus events. Learn more.

 Field Safety

Safely working and conducting research outdoors, off-campus, and abroad. Learn more.

Fire Safety Fire Safety

Providing inspections, plan review, and code consultation; serving as a fire protection and life safety resource for all UC Berkeley-owned and occupied buildings. Learn more.

 Food & Water Safety

Protecting public health through inspection of campus facilities and infrastructure. Learn more.

 Hazardous Materials

Helping campus units manage their hazardous materials by providing assistance with shipping, waste pick-up and disposal, and chemical inventory needs. Learn more.

Heat Illness Prevention

Guidance for working in hot environments and measures for heat illness prevention. Learn more.

Lab Safety Laboratory Safety

Forms, policies, procedures, and training materials. Learn more.

 Laser Safety

Ensuring the safe use of lasers, laser systems, and non-ionizing radiation sources. Learn more.

Radiation Safety Radiation Safety

Facilitating the safe use of radioactivity and radiation producing machines. Learn more.

 Shops and Trades

Policies, procedures, and training materials for any type of shop-work activities. Learn more.

Wildfire Smoke Safety Wildfire Smoke Safety

Providing resources and guidance for the UC Berkeley community to reduce exposure to wildfire smoke. Learn more.

Workplace Safety Workplace Safety

California state regulations require every employer to establish, implement and maintain an effective injury prevention program. Learn more.