Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety oversees and facilitates the use of radiation sources in research and instruction; helping to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Dispose of Waste

Master list of waste types is displayed below. Note: If you cannot find the item that you are trying to get rid of in this list, please contact EH&S at ehs@berkeley.edu or (510) 642-3073. collapse all expand all Aerosol Cans

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Campus Committees

Certain high-hazard activities and equipment require additional safety training and written pre-approval. Faculty-led committees issue use authorizations for high hazard activities to ensure the work is safe and monitored appropriately. These include:

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Summary of Charges

The campus Laboratory Operations...

Waste Disposal

The Office of Environment, Health & Safety maintains a Hazardous Waste Program (HWP) to develop hazard waste disposal procedures, provide orientation to campus personnel, monitor departmental hazardous waste operations, receive departmental waste and dispose of the waste, and evaluate all hazardous waste disposal activities.

Jeff Cromwell

Radiation Safety Specialist
Radiation Safety
Mixed Waste

Radiation Safety Training

To get approved to work on a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA), complete the steps below depending on the type of RUA you will be working on. Upon completion, inform your RUA Holder or Lab Contact and ask that they request you be added to the RUA. If you are unable to access the UC Learning Center using the links below, please submit a help request to EH&S

Individuals without CalNet IDs (e.g. LBNL, guests, industry users) will need to ...

Radiation Principal Investigators

Obtain a New Radiation Use Authorization

An approved RUA is required before purchasing or using any source of ionizing radiation.

To apply for an RUA, complete an RUA Application and a ...

Radiation Safety Recharge Authorization Form

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

This form authorizes EH&S to recharge the account specified below for radiation safety services. To establish your radiation safety account, complete and submit this form. Following receipt of this completed form, the account will be activated/updated. It will be debited automatically for annual RUA fees or after special Radiation Safety services have been provided. Services are recharged at the rates posted on the website of the Office of the Controller at ...