Storage and Security

Note: Notify EH&S immediately of any missing controlled substances: (510) 642-3073.

Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for providing and maintaining secure storage for their CS inventory that meets these criteria:

Store CS according to schedule number:

Schedule II: Store in a safe or steel cabinet equivalent.

Schedule III-V: Store in a locked drawer or cabinet that is inaccessible from above or below.

Install the following equipment according to these standards:

  • Padlocks and hinges:

    • Must have the mounting screws or bolts of the hasp inaccessible when the door is closed and the lock is fastened.
  • Safes and steel cabinet equivalents:

    • Must be cemented or bolted to the floor or wall, or weigh more than 750 pounds.
  • Keys and codes:

    • Must not be readily accessible in a nearby drawer or desk.
    • Must only be issued and carried by individual authorized researchers or staff. 
  • Storage units:

    • Must be secure enough to show forced entry.
  • Drawers:

    • Must be inaccessible from the upper or lower drawers in the stack. Assign the top drawer of the stack, if possible.

Other Restrictions:

  • Do not share CS storage facilities.
  • Do not transfer CS from its original container for storage purposes.
  • Do not store other chemicals or supplies in a CS storage unit (only your logbook or other cs records are allowed).
  • Do not store CS in a corridor.
  • Lockboxes or toolboxes that could easily be lifted and taken out of a laboratory are not acceptable.