Recordkeeping and Inventory

Controlled Substances:

  • All purchase records and logbooks for controlled substances must be maintained for at least 2 years and usage logs must be kept in your secure storage location with the controlled substances. 
  • A logbook for this purpose will be provided for each drug when you pick up your controlled substance order.  Contact EH&S if you need another copy. 
  • All withdrawals or usage must be clearly recorded in the logbook. 
  • The balance should always represent the amount on hand in your storage location. 
  • Do not forget to log in bottles as soon as they are received, preferably with a specific item number that may be matched to the stock in your lab, e.g. using a Sharpie pen.
  • For creating dilutions of controlled substances: print and use Controlled Substance Diluted Solution Usage Log for record keeping

Campus-wide Inventory:

Every two years EH&S inspectors will visit and document the amount of controlled substance on hand in every storage location approved on campus in a single day.  Your lab will be notified in advance of the need to have someone present to unlock your storage location for this inspection. 

Precursor Chemicals:

Logbooks are not required at this time for usage of precursor chemicals but the items should be documented in your laboratory’s chemical inventory along with other chemicals on hand and updated at least annually.