Precursor (Restricted) Chemicals

Precursor chemicals and List I Chemicals are chemicals that have legitimate uses and also have the potential to be used in the manufacture of controlled substances.  State and federal laws require campus vendors to uphold stringent regulations regarding distribution of these chemicals.

Ordering Chemicals Designated as Precursors


  • The BearBuy cart must be reviewed and approved by the PI.
  • The BearBuy cart, approved by the PI, must be reviewed and approved by EH&S.

Must be processed by Controlled Substances Buyer at campus Supply Chain Management.

Requestor will be notified upon the delivery of your order to the UCB campus.

Time to receive List I and California precursor chemicals :
4-6 weeks.  The State of California requires vendors to hold materials for 21 days after purchase.  It is also possible that if the hazard class requires shipment by ground transportation additional time may be required to receive the shipment.

The notice of delivery will indicate where the item can be picked up.

Administrative controls:

Chemical must be added to the laboratory Chemical Inventory on the day of the receipt. Store listed chemicals according to their hazard type. List I and California precursor chemicals must be stored within a room that's under human surveillance or locked when not staffed.