How do I get authorization to use controlled substances in my research?

In order to work with controlled substances on the Berkeley campus, the principal investigator (PI) must obtain a controlled substances use authorization (CSUA), and each researcher working with the controlled substance(s) must be added to that registration. 

CSUA approval is required prior to use of any controlled substances in research activities.

Please contact with any questions about controlled substances use authorizations (CSUAs).

Obtain a CSUA for Research

Only a principal investigator (PI) may submit a registration application to obtain a CSUA for their research. 

Project Registration

Complete and submit a Project Registration Form. Paper copies must be delivered to EH&S in 317 University Hall.

Animal Use Protocol

For projects involving administration of controlled substances to animals, a copy of the Animal Use Protocol (AUP) approval letter must be sent to EH&S at  

Criminal Background Check and Disclosure Form

Obtain a criminal background check (Live Scan) with the campus police department (UCPD). A Background Check Disclosure Form must also be completed, signed, and sent to EH&S at

Complete Training 

All principal investigators must complete the required training prior to approval of a CSUA. EHS 501 Controlled Substances Used in Research is an online course available in the UC Learning Center.

EH&S Inspection and Approval

Prior to approval of a CSUA, EH&S will perform an inspection of the proposed storage space and verify its security.

Additional Requirements

Research activities involving controlled substances not administered to animals require additional verification from an organizational official. This may include a department chair, college dean, or other organizational executive.

Add a Researcher to an Existing CSUA

Only a principal investigator (PI) may request an amendment to an existing CSUA.

Request an Amendment

Principal investigator completes and submits a Project Registration Update Form to EH&S at

Criminal Background Check and Disclosure

Researchers must obtain a criminal background check (Live Scan) with the campus police department (UCPD). Submit a signed copy of the background check disclosure form to EH&S.

Complete Training