How do I return extra lab coats to EH&S?

What are “extra” coats?

EH&S recommends that labs keep a few spare lab coats for visitors and new lab members waiting for their coats to ensure that everyone is properly protected.

If there any remaining coats, please return them to EH&S.

Lab Coat Drop-off:

  1. Bring lab coat(s) to University Hall.
  2. Place lab coat(s) into the drop box located on the third floor, in front of room 317.


Mail Extra Lab Coat(s) to EH&S:

  1. Pack lab coat(s) in a bag or box, and seal it.
  2. Print an EH&S mailing label.
  3. Place the box or bag into the UC Berkeley Campus Mail (not US Postal Service mail).

Request EH&S Pickup (for returns greater than 10 coats)​:

  1. Place lab coats in bags or boxes and set aside in a safe location.
  2. Fill out the Lab Coat Pickup Request Google form.

While soiled lab coats can be returned to EH&S, lab coats contaminated with toxic chemicals, biological hazards, or radioactive materials should be disposed of as hazardous waste. Refer to What if I spill on my coat? to determine possible contamination and appropriate disposal methods.