What is the role of a Principal Investigator (PI)?

PIs must begin the LHAT process for their research group by logging in to the LHAT; they can choose to do the hazard assessment themselves or assign a delegate to do it. After all hazard assessment questions are answered, the PI certifies that the LHAT is complete. This gives lab members access to the list of recommended PPE.

What can only the PI do?

  • "Add a lab group" – it’s common for some lab members to do work that is different from what other members of the group do and they might need different PPE. For example a chemistry research group with some members who do BSL-2 tissue culture work. Each lab group – the main group and the "added" group – will need their own hazard assessment.
  • "Appoint a Delegate" – this will allow another lab member to do the hazard assessment on behalf of the PI.
  • "Certify the hazard assessment" - This will complete the LHAT process and assign PPE.

**Without PI certification, no one can receive their lab safety attire**

How do I add a lab group?

From the “Dashboard” page click on “Create Hazard Assessment”, then “Add a Lab Group” in the blue menu bar at the top of the page.

Permanent changes to the LHAT roster should be made in the online Labs @ Berkeley (L@B) roster tool, as well as to the LHAT roster. Names listed in the L@B roster tool are regularly loaded into, but not deleted from, the “main” lab group in the LHAT.  Rosters for “Added” lab groups have to be updated manually.

Who will have access to my hazard assessment?

Only you, your lab members, and EH&S will have access to your lab’s hazard assessment.