Does my lab coat fit properly?

It is important that your lab coat fits properly so it can protect you as designed. There are three main things to check:

Body Fit:

  • All lab coat buttons close.
  • Arms can move freely.
  • The lab coat fits well around the torso and hips.
  • The lab coat fits comfortably.

Coat Length:

  • The lab coat hangs near the knee.

Sleeve Length:

  • Sleeves hang above the thumb tip while arms are hanging at sides.
  • With arms in a working pose, sleeves cover the wrist and reach the edge of the gloves.

If your lab coat needs altered (shorter sleeves) please review information below.

It is important for both safety and comfort that lab coat sleeves fit properly. If necessary, your lab coat sleeves can be shortened for a better fit free of cost.

If your lab coat sleeves need to be shortened, or if you have any questions about the fit or alterations, contact the PPE coordinator at