How do I keep my PPE when I change labs?

When moving from one lab to another, you can take your PPE with you if it is appropriate for the hazards in the new lab. To help keep your coat from getting lost after you’ve moved, please complete these steps:  

  1. Get onto the roster for your new lab. Any member already listed in the lab’s roster may add a new member through Labs at Berkeley (L@B). Information entered into L@B will be transferred to the lab hazard assessment tool (LHAT).
  2. Certify the hazards in your new lab. After you are added to a lab roster, you will receive an email from LHAT. Log in using your CalNet credentials, and at the bottom of the page, you will see the name of your lab group. Review the listed hazards, and click the checkbox at the bottom of the page labeled ‘I certify that I have reviewed the assessment.’
  3. Contact the PPE coordinator with the following information:
    • The principal investigator for the old lab.
    • The principal investigator for the new lab.
    • The name of the building where the new lab is located.
    • Lab coat ID numbers. These can be found on a label inside the coat, below the collar. They start with either "UCB-" or "UC-", followed by six numbers. Some only list the six numbers by themselves.
  4. Arrange an appointment with the PPE coordinator by email to update your lab coat’s labels.