How do I get Prescription Safety Glasses?

Prescription safety glasses are an alternative to wearing prescription glasses with over-the-glasses safety glasses.


Vision Service Plan (VSP) can be used for prescription safety glasses. If you have a qualifying student or employee VSP through UC Berkeley, you can choose to use it for prescription safety glasses instead of regular prescription glasses. Simply schedule an appointment with the Meredith W. Morgan Eye Center at Minor Hall.

Prescription safety glasses are not a separate benefit from the regular glasses provided by your VSP. To find out more about your own Vision Service Plan benefits, call (510) 642-5700.


If you are in a lab that is a part of the College of Chemistry

  1. Email to receive your voucher.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Eye Center at Minor Hall.
  3. Visit the University Eye Center at Minor Hall with your voucher.
  4. If you’ve had an eye exam within the last six months, bring a copy of your prescription. A VSP can also be used for coverage of an eye exam to check your vision.