Get fire extinguisher training?

In-person Training

At least two weeks prior to desired date of training class:

  1. Contact Facilities Services (510-642-1032) to make arrangements for site set-up.
  2. Contact Fire Prevention Division at or (510) 642-3073 to schedule, and advise where you would like training to occur (to determine any safety considerations).
  3. Day prior to event: Confirm training location and time with the Deputy Fire Marshal conducting the training and ensure that Facilities Services (formerly PP-CS) is confirmed to set-up designated training site.

Minimum class size is 10, staff and faculty (exceptions may be granted).  Classes last approximately one hour; scheduled between 9am - 3pm.

Online Training

There are three fire extinguisher safety courses available through the UC Learning Center.


EHS 505 Fire Extinguisher Online Safety Training

Lab Safety

EHS 506 Fire Extinguisher Training for Labs

EHS 507 Fire Extinguisher Inspection Training for Labs


Are You Using the Right Type of Fire Extinguisher?