Get construction plans reviewed?

Plans Review

Regardless of cost or scope, all construction projects at UC Berkeley require consultation with the Campus Fire Marshal.

The Campus Fire Marshal’s office requires submittal of 100% construction documents for review and final approval with signature. A project manager may elect to submit any or all of the following drawings in earlier design phases for review and comment:

  • Preliminary Design Drawings

  • Schematic Design Drawings

  • Design Development Drawings (50%, 90%, etc., as agreed upon with Project Manager)

  • Construction Documents (50%, 90%, etc., as agreed upon with Project Manager)

If plan check review comments were provided for any design phase submittal listed above, provide written responses to each comment in the subsequent submittal.

Electronic Plan Submission

Regardless of phase, all submitted electronic plans are required to be in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, and must contain the pertinent project information (Project Name, Number, Manager, Building Name, and Address). Additionally, the Campus Fire Marshal must be able to retain copies of the electronic documents for records purposes, and reserves the right to request hard copies of any submittal or design document.

Drawings submission

Submittal during Construction Phase, or Resubmittal of design documents and shop drawings

  • When requesting review of subsequent versions of design documents, include design professional responses to CFM comments given in previous plan reviews

  • When requesting review of shop drawings revisions, include contractor responses to previous review comments

Responses to CFM comments

  • Consultant and contractor responses to CFM plan review comments may be submitted electronically

Design Phase

Construction Phase (i.e., fire alarm and fire sprinkler submittals)

Estimated Review Time

  • 3 weeks with valid recharge account on record.