Fire Prevention

Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ) Project

The California Fire Code establishes requirements for Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ) of hazardous materials, which ensures amounts used and stored within buildings do not pose fire and life risks. Following the management of hazardous chemicals guidelines issued by the University of California Office of President in 2023, EH&S is implementing the directives outlined in...

Michelle Detrick

Fire Prevention Specialist
Fire Prevention
Building Fire Inspections
Event Permit
Fire Drills

Get construction plans reviewed?

Plans Review

Regardless of cost or scope, all construction projects at UC Berkeley require consultation with the Campus Fire Marshal.

The Campus Fire Marshal’s office requires submittal of 100% construction documents for review and final approval with signature. A project manager may elect to submit any or all of the following drawings in earlier design phases for review and comment:

Preliminary Design Drawings

Schematic Design Drawings

Design Development...

Get fire extinguisher training?

Live Fire Extinguisher Trainingehs team member using fire extinguisher on live fire prop

The Office of Environment, Health & Safety is pleased to provide live fire extinguisher training to UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty at no cost.

How to register for Live Fire Extinguisher Training Note: There are currently no Live Fire Extinguisher Training classes scheduled.

The minimum class size is 10,...

Get open flame/cooking or special event permit?

1. A fire permit is required for events with the following conditions:

50 or more people attending Use of space on campus in capacity other than its normal use Use of tents or canopies Tents: Cumulative area greater than 400 sq. feet Canopies: Cumulative area greater than 400 sq. feet Location includes a roadway, pathway or plaza used for access by emergency vehicles Use of any kind of open flame (candles, torches, cooking devices, pyrotechnics) Use of compressed gas cylinders in vendor booths, cooking devices or any other function


Field Station Inspection

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Field Station Annual Inspection Checklist

Inspection to be performed between May 1st and June 15th annually. Completed inspections shall be submitted electronically to

Schedule a fire and life safety inspection?

Fire and Life Safety Inspection

For New Construction and Renovation Projects

Visit the Facilities Services Inspections Page and complete the inspection request form. Make sure you select "Fire Marshal" from "Inspection Authority" on the third page.

Purchased or Leased Spaces

Prior to purchase or entering into a lease agreement of space for use by...

Schedule a fire drill?

The Fire Prevention Division will contact the Building Coordinator to schedule required fire drills.

If your building does not require an annual fire drill, and you would like to conduct one, please contact

If you have any questions, please contact

Helpful Resources...

Fire Alarms and Sprinklers

Fire Alarm Systems

When a fire alarm system activates, everyone is required by law to leave the building immediately.

Do NOT carry your bike or any other large object down the stairs, as this will impede the timely egress of others. Close your door as you leave. This will protect your room/office from smoke and fire as well as provide protection from theft. Tampering with a fire alarm system or rendering it ineffective is a crime. Do not cover or remove a smoke or heat detector.

Virtually all buildings on the UC Berkeley Campus have a fire alarm...