Environmental Protection

Helping to protect and enhance the campus environment and providing permit and compliance management services.

Hazardous Materials

Helping campus units manage their hazardous materials by providing assistance with shipping, waste pick-up and disposal, and chemical inventory needs.

Sewer System Management Plans

UC Berkeley has developed and is implementing Sewer System Management Plans (SSMPs) to properly manage, operate and maintain all parts of the following three sanitary sewer collection systems: UC Berkeley Collection System, Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay, and University Village Albany. The SSMPs were recertified by the Regents of the University of California on July 17, 2014 and again on July 18, 2019, in accordance with the State Water Control Board Order No. 2006-0003-DWQ. Regents' Meeting minutes have been approved, video of the Regents meeting can be found...

Workplace Safety

California state regulations require every employer to establish, implement and maintain an effective injury prevention program. In August 2017, the University adopted a campuswide Workplace Safety Program that serves as the university’s central program for creating a safe and healthful work environment. Having one program for the whole university helps to improve access, consistency, and usability across all departments. EH&S is the responsible department for overseeing the campuswide Workplace Safety Program.

Wildfire Smoke

Providing resources and guidance for the UC Berkeley community to reduce exposure to wildfire smoke.

Exported Soil Off-Haul Requirements

All soil must be evaluated by UC Berkeley standards for environmental contamination with laboratory analysis before export to any off-site location.

UC Berkeley soil cannot be taken to K-12 schools, residential developments or other sensitive receptor sites. UC Berkeley retains right of approval for all proposed disposal or reuse sites. Contaminated soil disposal will be subject to taxation through the Board of Equalization, based on weight and hazard class. Required Submissions

The following required documentation must be provided to EH&S for review at least...

Imported Soil Clean Fill Assessment Requirements

All soil imported for fill on UC Berkeley property must be demonstrated to be clean for the intended use based on the UC Berkeley Office of Environment, Health & Safety’s (EH&S) evaluation of the historic use of the fill source site and analytical tests on soil samples.

Required Submissions

The following required documentation must be provided to EH&S for review at least two weeks prior to the proposed import date.

1. Fill Source Area Assessment

Detailed information on the location and history of the source area including previous land uses,...

Labs and Research

Providing support, in the form of risk assessment, review, consultation(link sends e-mail), training, and the necessary resources and guidance for research at UC Berkeley.

Dispose of Waste

Master list of waste types is displayed below. Note: If you cannot find the item that you are trying to get rid of in this list, please contact EH&S at ehs@berkeley.edu or (510) 642-3073. collapse all expand all Aerosol Cans

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Alicia Bihler

Environmental Programs Manager
Environmental Protection