Hard-Copy Plan Submission

Design Phase

Submit one (1) set of plans and specifications for review during all design phases. Design Drawings Checklists

Design Approval

Submit one set of full or half-size plans AND electronic files of specifications along with certification page, signed by designer of record.

Construction Phase (i.e., fire alarm and fire sprinkler submittals)

Submit at least two (2) sets of drawings and calculations.  Fire/Life Safety Submittal Checklist

Estimated Review Time

3 weeks with valid recharge account on record.

Drop Off (& Pick-Up) Location

317 University Hall (3rd floor, corner of University and Oxford)

Mailing Address:

[Attention: Deputy Fire Marshal Name -OR- Fire Prevention Division]
Environment, Health & Safety
2199 Addison Street
317 University Hall, MC 1150
Berkeley, CA 94720-1150