Shop Safety Inspection Program


EH&S safety specialists inspect campus shops annually. These inspections are designed to improve shop safety by identifying and correcting hazardous conditions, increasing awareness of safety concerns and promoting regulatory compliance. EH&S-led inspections will be conducted in October and November.

EH&S can also provide shops with inspection assistance or consultation on a full range of issues throughout the year. Contact EH&S at 510-642-3073 with any questions or concerns about the Shop Safety Inspection Program.


Campus safety is a shared responsibility. Faculty and staff, including deans, directors, department chairs and PIs, are directed by campus policy to ensure adherence to safety regulations, principles and practices. The UC Berkeley Shop Safety Program is available to help you manage the hazards associated with various shops and their work activities, and to comply with Cal/OSHA and other regulations concerning shops.

What to Expect

EH&S will provide the inspection questions and propose a date and time for the inspection via email or verbal contact. The inspection is expected to take less than one hour. During the inspection, you may be asked to provide documents related to the shop’s safety procedures and to show various areas of the shop. Reviewing the most recent shop safety self-inspection is a good way to prepare for the EH&S-led inspection. EH&S will review the recent self-inspection and assist you in any corrections that are needed.  

After the Inspection

Following the EH&S-led inspection, shop managers will receive an email from Inspect, a UC inspection application, prompting them to review the resulting inspection report. Shop managers must review this inspection report online via Inspect and follow up on any pending items.

Example of Shop Safety Inspection Questions

  1. Do you as the responsible person, have access to the Inspect web application?

  2. Have you, as the responsible person, selected a delegate to complete these shop safety inspections in the event you are not available?

  3. Does the shop perform welding or any other type of hot work outside of the shop? If so do you keep the hot work permits? (Record the answer to the second question as NA if NO to the first)

  4. Have all shop staff completed EHS Workplace Safety Program training?

  5. Do you, as the shop responsible person, ensure that all staff complete shop required safety training prior to becoming an Authorized User?

  6. Is an Authorized User form completed and on file for all shop staff?

  7. Are fixed (benched or standing) grinders checked and set for correct clearances (manufacturer and Cal/OSHA) on tongue guards, spindle guard, and work rests?