Radiation Principal Investigators

Obtain a New Radiation Use Authorization

An approved RUA is required before purchasing or using any source of ionizing radiation.

To apply for an RUA, complete an RUA Application and a Recharge Authorization Form identifying the funding source. A Radiation Safety Team member will contact you concerning your application and will work with you to gain approval for your project(s).

For each person working on the new RUA(s), they must complete Initial Safety Training, as well as any applicable SOPs before starting work, depending on the type(s) of RUA(s) you are requesting.

Individuals without CalNet IDs (e.g. LBNL, guests, industry users) will need to obtain affiliate or guest status and a CalNet ID before they can be added to an RUA. Please contact radsafety@berkeley.edu for any questions you may have. 

Update an Existing Radiation Use Authorization

Only an RUA Holder or Lab Contact can authorize a modification of an existing Radiation Use Authorization (RUA). Submit a request using the RUA Change Form. To access the form, CalNet authentication is required.

All RUA change requests are reviewed by the Radiation Safety Team before being approved and entered into the Radiation Safety Information System. If you have any questions regarding a specific change you’d like to make to an RUA, send an email to radsafety@berkeley.edu.

Below are the types of changes that can be made and the forms that are needed.


Add Users
  1. Users should have completed the training requirements for your RUA. Please have users follow the steps outlined on the Radiation Safety Training page and complete all steps before completing step 2.

  2. Submit an RUA Change Request Form.

Remove Users


Complete a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and submit it within an RUA Change Request Form.


If this is part of a new experiment, please also include a Radioactive Materials SOP in the request.


To update your chartstring, submit a Recharge Authorization Form