Recharge Services

Providing tools for campus personnel to authorize EH&S to recover costs for services.

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Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

A JSA describes job tasks in step-by-step fashion, identifies associated hazards at each step, and outlines proper hazard controls that minimize the risk of injury or illness to the individual(s) performing that task.

JSAs Listed by Topic: Body Mechanics ...

Irene Emma

Administrative Services Manager, Finance Director
Recharge Services
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Recharge Services

Providing tools for campus personnel to authorize EH&S to recover costs for services.

Melissa Baksic

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Recharge Services

Archived Recharge Rates

Recharge Service Rates

Service rates are also listed on the UC Berkeley Office of the Chief Financial Officer page.

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Chemical Waste Routine Chemical Waste1...

Chemical Waste Recharge Authorization Form

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

This form authorizes EH&S to recharge the account specified below whenever a department representative signs a Materials Packing List (MPL), or whenever a Hazardous Materials Management Team member completes and signs an MPL for routine bulk material pick-ups (i.e., oil, photographic waste,etc.).

To establish your Chemical Waste Disposal Account, complete this form, obtain an authorized signature. Email, fax, or mail the completed form to the Office of Environment,...

Fire Prevention Division Construction Services Recharge Authorization

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Directions for completion:

Complete all of the information on the form. For additional instructions, double click on the question marks on the PDF. Print one copy to sign and send to EH&S and print one copy to keep for your records. Email, fax, or mail the completed Recharge Authorization Form to the Office of Environment, Health & Safety.


Radiation Principal Investigators

Obtain a New Radiation Use Authorization

An approved RUA is required before purchasing or using any source of ionizing radiation.

To apply for an RUA, complete an RUA Application and a ...

Laboratory Safety Manual

The laboratory safety manual provides an overview of lab safety procedures and policies.

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