How do I update an existing RUA?

To modify an existing Radiation Use Authorization (RUA), only an RH Holder or Lab Contact can authorize the request by submitting an RUA Change Form. To access the form, CalNet authentication is required.

Below are types of changes that can be made, what paperwork is needed and how they can be made.

All RUA change requests are reviewed by the Radiation Safety Team before being approved and entered into Radiation Safety Information System. If you have any questions regarding a specific change you’d like to make to an RUA, send an email to

Type of Change: How To:
Personnel Changes Add Users:
  1. User needs to have completed initial training before being added.
  2. Submit an RUA Change Request Form.
  3. Include a completed Radiation User Information Form within the RUA Change Request.
  4. If a user needs to be assigned dosimetry, submit a Dosimetry Issuance Request Form.

Remove Users:

Experimental Procedures Changes (SOPs) Complete a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and submit it within a RUA Change Request Form.
  • Radioactive Materials SOP Template (Word)
  • Radiation Producing Machines SOP Template (Word)

To add, adjust or remove a limit or add or delete a radionuclide, submit an RUA Change Request.

Radionuclide Limits/ New Radionuclides

If this is part of a new experiment, please also include a Radioactive Materials SOP (Word) in the request.

To order materials in RSIS, follow our instructions here.

Recharge Authorization - Update Account Chart String

Use our Recharge Authorization Form or follow instructions to update the chart string within EHS Services Recharge System application (SRS) here.