Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan - Online Component

Cal/OSHA (Title 8 CCR Sec. 5191) requires that all laboratories have a written Chemical Hygiene Plan as a fundamental chemical safety plan for the laboratory. This online resource is intended to supplement the information in the hard copy Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) Flipchart that includes laboratory-specific information. To obtain a CHP Flip Chart for your laboratory contact EH&S at (510) 642-3073 or

All UC Berkeley laboratory personnel who work with laboratory chemicals must know and follow the guidance outlined in this online CHP Component and the CHP Flipchart. Every laboratory worker is responsible for following safe work practices. Practicing safe chemical hygiene protects you and other lab members.

Additional requirements for this laboratory may also be found in the lab’s Radiation Use AuthorizationBiological Use AuthorizationLaser User Registration, or if you use Toxic Gases or Controlled Substances.

Contact Campus Chemical Hygiene Officer, Kelsey Mesa, at or (510) 642-3073 with any questions regarding the CHP or any lab safety issues.