Procedure for Decontaminating an Area

How to Decontaminate an Area

  1. Place absorbent materials at the edges of the spill if it is spreading.

  2. Begin the decontamination process from the edges of the spill working inward.  Use decontamination solution (or soap and water) and paper towels to decontaminate the area.

  3. Working  in small (12" by 12" square) areas you will reduce the spread of contamination.

  4. As you decontaminate the area, use swipes to find out how much contamination there is, where it is, and how effective  your efforts are to remove the contamination as you proceed.

  5. Be careful to stay out of the spill, absorb any liquids by placing paper towels on top of the spill.

  6. Carefully place all contaminated papers and materials in a properly labeled radioactive waste bag as you go.

  7. When you think that you have the spill cleaned up, take swipes of the spill area and of  surrounding areas such as doorways, adjacent hallways, elevators, and shoes. Keep cleaning until the area is clean (below twice background).

  8. Document the spill findings, your final survey, and any notes that you may need to refer to in the future. Keep your self-surveys and swipe data.


Remember to monitor all persons, equipment, and waste being moved from the spill area. Handle contaminated materials as radioactive waste.