Report an Issue or Safety Concern

The Office of Environment, Health & Safety at the University of California, Berkeley must be notified immediately at (510) 642-3073 [after hours, call UCPD's 24-hour non-emergency line, (510) 642-6760] for any workplace injury or safety concerns.

If this is an imminent security threat to life or property:

Please Dial 911, or contact UCPD from a cell phone at (510) 642-3333

EH&S Contact Information

  • During business hours, call EH&S: (510) 642-3073

  • During off-hours, call UCPD's 24-hour non-emergency line, 

    (510) 642-6760
  • In case of any life-threatening injury, call 911 [or from a cell phone  (510) 642-3333)]

Notify EH&S immediately if any of the following occurs on campus property:

Report an Injury

To report a work-related injury or illness, use the online Injury and Illness Reporting (IIR) system.

Report a Concern


For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the How to Report a Work-Related Injury or Illness web page and review the following training guides.

Reporting Serious Injuries/Illnesses and Fatalities

Notify EH&S immediately if a fatality or serious injury (inpatient hospitalization, loss of any member of the body, or permanent disfigurement) occurs by calling (510) 642-3073. If the serious injury occurs after hours, EH&S should be notified via the UC Police Department.

Report a Spill

(510) 642-3073 during business hours | (510) 642-6760 during off-hours

Spill Reporting Quick Links

For all other safety concerns, please submit this form: