How do I order radioactive materials?

Once you are an authorized radioactive materials user, you can order radioactive materials.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the online Radiation Safety Information System (RSIS) and put in a request for the radionuclide you wish to order.

  1. You will receive a Material Request Approval Number via email once your order request has been approved. The Material Request Approval Number for each item ordered must be included in your Bear Buy (or other purchasing method) request under the shipping address.

  1. All radioactive packages must be received at the Hazardous Material Facility on UC Berkeley campus. Please designate the "Ship To" address (with your department address as the "Final Destination") as:

University of California - Berkeley Hazardous Materials Facility
1 Frank Schlessinger Way Berkeley, CA 94720
RE: Material Request Approval Number XXXXX

Please direct any questions regarding orders of radioactive materials to