How do I volunteer to help?

To protect and preserve our environment, anyone can:

  1. Pick up trash and recyclables and dispose of these items in the appropriate campus receptacles.  Please use good judgment and only handle materials that you are familiar with, i.e. don’t pick up sharp items, human body wastes or fluids, or hazardous chemicals unless you have the appropriate implements and protective gear.
  2. Remove weeds from campus grounds if you are confident in the species ID (if in doubt, DON’T pull it out!).
  3. Report conditions on the campus that you feel are harmful to the environment (creek, air, soil, etc.). Call EH&S at (510) 642-3073 during normal office hours (8 am - 5 pm) or UCPD (510) 642-3333 after hours.

If you have a large group of people and are interested in volunteering contact Tim at For previous examples of volunteer activities, click here.