Vehicles (Mobile Sources) - Air Quality

For more information about purchasing, registration, operating requirements and other issues:
Contact the Environmental Protection Team at EH&S (

Vehicle Acquisitions

It is crucial that you contact EH&S before purchasing your vehicle to ensure that it meets current emission requirements. If a vehicle is purchased that does not meet emissions criteria, it cannot be registered or operated. EH&S works in conjunction with Fleet Services to review acquisitions of vehicles.

On-Road Vehicles
(example: garbage trucks, etc.)
* on-road vehicles are issued a standard license plate.
Off-Road Vehicles
(example: tractors, boom lifts, lawn mowers, forklifts, etc.)

Contact Fleet Services ( with the proposed vehicle.  EH&S and Fleet Services will work together to ensure compliance.

Contact Fleet Services ( and EH&S Environmental Protection ( with the following information to review:
  • Department
  • Contact Information of Purchaser
  • Type of Vehicle (truck, lawnmower, etc.)
  • Vehicle Specifications (Model, Year, Make)
  • Emissions Data
  • Estimated Usage per year (in hours)
  • Fuel Type
  • A copy of CARB/EPA certifications (if diesel)

Once reviewed and approved, the department is required to comply with operating requirements, adhere to the 5 minute no-idling policy, and submit information regarding the vehicle upon request to EH&S.

Recordkeeping Requirements

On-Road Vehicles
Contact EH&S Environmental Protection at

Off-Road Vehicles
EH&S will contact the department annually for hour meter readings and updated fleet information.