Air Quality & Pollution (Outdoor)

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The EH&S Air Quality program assists the campus in air pollution prevention and provides compliance assistance on environmental regulations.  If you would like more information on campus air emissions or need assistance with the services below, please contact Bernadette Santos at (510) 642-6568.  If you need assistance with indoor air quality complaints, go to our indoor air quality page.

Services Provided:

  • Assistance in applying for air permits for equipment and operations
  • Purchase assistance to comply with air regulations
  • Investigation and response to outdoor air complaints
  • Facilitate the collection of outdoor air quality parameters
  • Facilitate the assessment of air toxic risk to the community
  • Produce outreach material and guidelines to comply with regulations


UC Berkeley Idling Requirements

Spare the Air and Winter Spare the Air Day Alerts

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) & Fluorinated Gas Regulations

This report provides information on how campus entities can maintain compliance for the three regulations:

1. SF6 Emission Reductions from the Electricity Sector & Particle Accelerators

2. SF6 Reductions from Non-Electric and Non-Semiconductor Applications

3. SF6 and Fluorinated Gas Use in Semiconductor and Related Devices Operations