6. Responsibilities of the Faculty Oversight Committee

Summary of Charges

The Research Compliance Advisory Committee (RCAC) advises the Vice Chancellor for Research on issues related to regulatory compliance and risk management in all research activities conducted on the University of California, Berkeley property, or by University of California, Berkeley personnel.

RCAC Committee Membership

The RCAC is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor for Research. Represented on the Committee are the offices of The Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and the Chancellor's Office of Legal Affairs. Membership also includes top administrators from EH&S and University Health Services.

At-large Academic Senate members are appointed by the Committee on Committees to provide a faculty perspective on the overall impact of environmental, health, and safety programs and policies. Committee chairs from the following academic committees are also members:

Contact List for Research Compliance Advisory Committee

Chair: Kathy Yelick, Vice Chancellor for Research, 642-7540, vcr@berkeley.edu

EH&S Member-Coordinator: tbd

Support: Marisa Mariscal, Executive & Management Analyst, EH&S, 642-1550, mariscal@berkeley.edu