2. Responsibilities of Campus Administrators

THE CHANCELLOR is responsible to:

  • Ensure the implementation and overall effectiveness of the University's environmental, health, and safety programs.
  • Determine, with the advice of the Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Committee or faculty committees related to particular environmental, health and safety matters, appropriate levels of responsibility on the campus for fulfilling the University's commitment to provide a safe environment and to conduct its operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and accepted practices for health, safety and environmental protection.

VICE CHANCELLORS are responsible to:

  • Communicate with their Deans and Directors about environmental, health, and safety programs that need to be implemented through them.
  • Ensure that their Deans and Directors take appropriate steps to implement the programs.
  • Implement the University's environmental, health, and safety programs in all departments/units within their respective jurisdictions.
  • Report to the Chancellor on the effectiveness of, and the budget and resources needs for, these programs.