4. Responsibilities of Managers

Managers and their delegates

MANAGERS (defined as academic and non-academic managers including Principal Investigators, other faculty, and any other manager with direct oversight of operations) are responsible to:

  • Ensure that environmental, health, and safety obligations are carried out by everyone working in their operations.
  • Communicate to their employees, students, and visitors that health and safety and concern for the environment are top priorities on the Berkeley campus and that everyone shares in the obligation to perform work in a safe, healthful, environmentally protective manner.
  • Analyze work procedures to identify hazards; ensure measures are implemented to eliminate or control those hazards.
  • Ensure workplace hazards and environmental, health, and safety-related policies and procedures are communicated to employees, students, and visitors.
  • Ensure safe operating procedures are in place and are observed.
  • Ensure individuals working in their operations have the proper safety equipment and personal protective equipment to perform their work safely.
  • Inform employees/students of the availability of a medical surveillance program on campus to assist them in the case of potentially hazardous exposures or injuries.
  • Encourage prompt reporting of health and safety concerns without fear of reprisal.
  • Curtail or stop work being carried out under their authority if they reasonably believe that continuation of the work poses an imminent danger to health or safety. Upon directing that work be curtailed or stopped, if the situation cannot be corrected immediately, the Manager must notify:
    1. the Dean or Director under whose responsibility the work is being performed, and
    2. EH&S.
  • Ensure that self-assessment inspections are performed regularly, that records are retained and that deficiencies identified in any inspection (self-assessment or EH&S) are addressed.

Delegation: Academic and Non-Academic Managers may delegate specific activities to laboratory managers, research associates, graduate student instructors, management services officers or other persons capable of carrying out those activities. The responsibility for ensuring that required programs are implemented and that required duties are carried out in an appropriate manner remains with the Academic and Non-Academic Manager.