Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) On-boarding

RUA on-boarding is a short instructional session that covers the UC Berkeley specific information that you will need to start your work with radioactive materials.  You will also be issued dosimetry at this session if your RUA requires it for your planned work.

  1. Make sure you've completed initial training EHS 401.1 or EHS 401.3 The on-boarding course will appear in your search on the UC Learning Center a day after you've completed initial training.
  2. Sign up for an “EH&S 403 Radiation Safety RUA On-Boarding Session” on the UC Learning Center. To access the UC Learning Center:
    1. This course requires Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later and the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Please enable Flash on your web browser before starting the course.
    2. Use this link to access the UC Learning Center: https://jwas.ehs.berkeley.edu/lmsi
    3. Authenticate using your CalNet ID.
    4. Search for “EHS 403” and register for a date that best fits your schedule. This training will appear the next day after you complete initial training.
  3. Email your Radiation User Form to your lab contact so that they can submit it along with their request to add you to the RUA.

If you have scheduling conflicts with the available sessions or need to begin work with radioactive materials prior to the next on-boarding session, contact Radiation Safety at radsafety@berkeley.edu or (510) 642-3073 to make arrangements for an ad hoc session.