Radiation Safety Initial Training

New researchers who wish to work with Radioactive Materials and/or Radiation Producing Machines must first complete their online radiation safety training at the UC Learning Center.  

First - Take Online Radiation Safety Training EHS 401:

  1. Access the UC Learning Center: https://jwas.ehs.berkeley.edu/lmsi. This course requires Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later and the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Please enable Flash on your web browser before starting the course.
  2. Search for the appropriate course number based on what you plan to work with and take ONE of these courses:

EHS 401.1 – Radiation Safety Training for Users of Radioactive Materials

EHS 401.2 – Radiation Safety Training for Users of Radiation Producing Machines (RPMs)

EHS 401.3 – Radiation Safety Training for Users of Radioactive Materials and Radiation Producing Machines(RPMs)

If you are unable to access the UC Learning Center using the link above, please submit a help request to EH&S.

Second - Arrange RUA On-Boarding

Once the online training is complete, new users can be added to an RUA by attending a short RUA On-boarding session that covers the UC Berkeley specific radiation safety information that they will need to start work including dosimetry issuance, if needed.

If you will be working under a Radiation Producing Machine (RPM) RUA then you must have your RUA Holder or Lab Contact submit your completed Radiation User Form along with an RUA Change Form to have you added to their RUA.

If you will be working under a Radioactive Materials RUA then you must sign up for RUA on-boarding after you complete your on-line training.

If you are uncertain of which training is appropriate for your planned work, contact the Radiation Safety Team for further guidance radsafety@berkeley.edu.