How do I get radiation safety training?

Below are the courses that are offered at UC Berkeley. Click on the appropriate training for more information.

Radiation Safety Initial Training

New researchers who wish to work with Radioactive Materials and/or Radiation Producing Machines must first complete their online radiation safety training.  

Radiation Safety Retraining

Anyone who has completed the applicable initial radiation safety training for use of - radioactive material, sealed sources, or RPMs - is required to take this retraining every 2 years to remain current on an RUA. You will receive email notification when you are due to complete your retraining.

Radiation Safety Procedures for Non-Users (Ancillary Laboratory Personnel)

Ancillary personnel are people that do not use radioactive materials or RPMs in the laboratory where they work (non-users) but these materials or machines are present, therefore they require training in the hazards present in their work space.


If you are uncertain of which training is appropriate for your planned work, contact the Radiation Safety Team for further guidance