Laser Safety Signs

Laser hazard signs must be conspicuously posted to warn onlookers of the potential hazard. The appropriate warning or danger sign shall be posted at the entryway(s) and, if deemed necessary by the LSO, should also be posted within the laser-controlled area.

For Class 3B and Class 4 signs, ensure the signs include:

  • type of laser(s),

  • wavelength(s) used,

  • and power output used.

  • Minimum OD for the laser wavelengths is listed on your laser use authorization (LUA) document.


Class 3B - Warning: Laser Controlled Area (PDF)

Class 4 - Warning: Laser Controlled Area (PDF)

Class 4 - Danger: Laser Controlled Area (PDF) -  Use of this sign requires Laser Safety Officer (LSO) authorization.

Notice: Do Not Enter (PDF)

Notice: Unattended Laser in Operation (PDF)

Lasers Not in Use - Storage Only Stickers (Avery Label doc)

Lighted Hazards Warning - Contact (LSO) for this sign.