How do I get authorized to use a laser?

  1. Please go to the UC Learning Center and enroll in the course titled "EHS 301 - Laser Safety Initial."  If you have questions, contact us at
  2. Review and sign the applicable laser standard operating procedure (SOP). Ensure the PI knows that you are authorized.

Note: Equivalent laser safety training that meets the campus requirement is also available at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Likewise, the campus training meets the LBNL requirement. Please contact the LBNL Laser Safety Officer, Greta Toncheva, at (510) 495-2544 for training class information.

Questions? Please contact Eddie Ciprazo, campus Laser Safety Officer at or (510) 643-9243 if you have special laser safety training needs or circumstances, or if you have any questions regarding the revised campus laser safety training requirement.