Safety Training Assessment & Records Tool (START)


The Safety Training Assessment & Records Tool (START) is a web application, created and maintained by Berkeley EH&S. START allows supervisors to easily determine the safety training needs of their employees and personnel, and whether or not they have completed assigned safety training.


Log in to START using your CalNet ID. As a supervisor, you will see a list of your personnel on color-coded panels indicating whether or not you have assigned them safety training. An embedded tutorial will guide you through the process to assign training. Authorized UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and personnel can log in to START to see the safety training assigned to them, and the current status of that training (current, expired, not taken).

START applies to most safety training tracked in the UC Learning Center. Additional tasks, tools, and location or job-specific training may be required. Go to the Research Administration and Compliance website for research-related training.

Training notifications: Certain training courses are required for working with specific hazards. The information in START will be used by EH&S to send you and your employees or personnel notifications when training needs to be taken, is out of date, or is about to expire.

START is in Beta!

Please note this is a beta version of START. It is still under final testing before its official release. Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, or other problems, please let us know by using the help link in the application.

Your help in this regard is much appreciated! 

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How to use START

How do I:

Assign training to an employee or staff member?

To assign safety training to your new employee or staff member, log in to START with your CalNet credentials to view the supervisor dashboard. This dashboard lists all of your employees. The left-most box, titled “Assign Safety Training,” will contain the names of employees who have not been assigned safety training:

Assign Safety Training

To assign training to a specific employee or staff member, click on their name. This will bring up a menu of different options:

Assign Safety Training

Choose the first option, “Assign training to [Employee Name],” to begin the safety training assessment questionnaire. Follow the instructions to complete the questionnaire. Training requirements for your employee will be determined based on your answers. On the last tab, you will be asked to certify the training assignments before they are sent to your employee:

Assign Safety Training

When you are ready to finalize the questionnaire, click the “Certify Safety Training Assessment” button. A popup box will confirm that the employee has been notified of their new training assignments:

Assign Safety Training

View the training status for each of my employees or staff members?

Before you can view the training status of your personnel or staff members, you must first assign safety training (view the instructions above). Once you are done assigning safety training, START allows you to view the status of your personnel’s training compliance. To view training compliance, login to START with your CalNet credentials, and once you are in, hover the cursor over the “Supervisor Actions” menu, and select “Personnel Training Compliance.”

View Safety Training

This will bring up a snapshot view of your personnel, and their training compliance.

View Safety Training

If you want to view more specific training compliance information for a single employee or staff member, click the eye icon to the left of their name. This will bring up a table of all training assigned to that individual, and the status of each training.

View Safety Training