Fire Safety

Providing inspections, plan review, and code consultation; serving as a fire protection and life safety resource for all UC Berkeley-owned and occupied buildings.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

EH&S Fact Sheets serve as campus-wide Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Space Heaters

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Space Heaters in University Buildings Fact Sheet

The Fire Prevention Division of the Office of Environment, Health & Safety discourages University employees from using space heaters in their workplaces because of fire risks.

Lab Self-Inspection Checklist

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Reviewing the EH&S lab self-inspection checklist is a good way to prepare for inspections. The department safety coordinator for each department or an EH&S lab safety specialist will reach out to each lab to schedule an inspection time.

Contact the campus chemical hygiene officer at (510) 643-6381 or with any questions or concerns about the EH&S General Lab Safety Inspection Program.

EH&S' Facilities/Equipment Decontamination Clearance Certification

Facilities/Equipment Decontamination Clearance Certification

The Principal Investigator (PI)/Supervisor is responsible for the indicated area or items, has assessed this location or equipment and determined that it can be released for reuse with no restrictions. This does not provide clearance for facilities or equipment containing lead paint or asbestos components.

Design Drawings Checklists

Design Drawings Checklists - Fire and Life

Lab Fire Caused By Hotplate Heating Oil Bath That Injured Researcher

March 31, 2013
What Happened?

A chemistry researcher was using an older model hot plate to heat an oil bath to 120-150°F. He borrowed the hotplate from someone else and was not familiar with the temperature controls. On this particular hot plate the temperature dial could go around from “LO” to “OFF” and back to “HI” heat. The researcher thought he had turned the hotplate “OFF” but it was still in the “ON” position and 30 minutes later the mineral oil bath ignited.

Fortunately, the oil bath was in a fume hood which kept the flames and fire inside the hood, it was reasonably clean and no other...

Use of Heaters in Temporary Tents & Awnings

December 21, 2020

CAL FIRE Information Bulletin
Office of the State Fire Marshal

Issued: December 15, 2020

Use of Heaters in Temporary Tents &...