COVID-19: Precautions and considerations for travel or fieldwork

August 12, 2021
Institutional Review During this transition period toward full reopening of campus activities, please check the Return to Campus web page for updates. Review and follow the VCRO’s COVID-19 Field Research Guidelines & Checklist. For international travel, follow CDC guidance and the two-step approval process posted on the...

Required Training | EHS 207: Guidelines on Protecting Workers from COVID-19

July 8, 2021
UC Berkeley Guidelines on Protecting Workers from COVID-19

UPDATE: UC Berkeley has updated its COVID-19 safety training course with additional information required by the COVID-19 prevention emergency regulation (8 CCR 3205), which was readopted with changes on 6/17/2021. This training also reflects updated University of California policies to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the workplace....

Working Close During COVID-19

July 8, 2021

If unvaccinated people need to work closer than 6-feet apart for lab work, training, maintenance or other activities with others, the following process needs to be applied:

Participants shall be current for all required campus training and COVID-19 testing. Think creatively about all available options. Can it be done by Zoom? Are there portions that don't require close proximity work? Is there an alternate methodology? If close proximity work cannot be eliminated, unvaccinated persons should wear their cloth face mask or a properly fitted N95 for voluntary use (voluntary N95 use...

COVID-19 Prevention Training Handout


On 11/19/20 the State of California Occupational Safety & Health Standards board issued an emergency regulation known as COVID-19 prevention (8 CCR 3205), which was readopted with changes and new sections added on 06/17/21. This training meets requirements of 8 CCR 3205 and University of California policy. For more information visit

Return to campus updates

July 2, 2021

Originally posted in UC Berkeley’s Response & Recovery Newsletter.

Response & Recovery, July 2, 2021 Issue

The return to campus section of the coronavirus site has been updated with new information regarding face coverings, meetings, physical distancing and more. Here are the highlights:

Face coverings Indoors

Face coverings continue...

Armando Cortes

PPE Coordinator
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Equipment and Tool Safety
Lab Safety (Gloves, Lab Coats, Goggles)
Shop Safety (Gloves, Face Shields, N95 Masks, Respirators)
COVID-19: Face Coverings

COVID-19 Phase 4 Research Operations

April 16, 2021

On March 31, 2021 Alameda County and the City of Berkeley transitioned to the Orange (“Moderate”) Tier in the State Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Given low rates of COVID-19 cases among on-campus researchers and rising availability of vaccines in the community, campus leadership has approved additional on-campus research access under a new Phase 4.

Phase 4: Occupancy by Square Footage (1 person per 125 sq. ft.)