COVID-19 Lab Spot Check Inspections

July 7, 2020

EH&S will be performing spot checks of labs on campus to confirm that COVID-19 research ramp-up plans are being followed (checklist below). These will be coordinated with the department safety coordinator or building coordinator. A general lab safety inspector will reach out to LSCs before the inspection. However, random spot checks may occur if scheduling proves difficult.

Lab Inspections during the COVID-19 Pandemic

When: Starting mid-July 2020
Findings: A summary of the spot checks will be sent to the DSC

The next general lab safety inspection cycle will start following the spot checks (within approximately the next two months).

Lab Spot Checklist Items

  • Lab Research Ramp-up SOP contains sufficient content. Should include: scheduling, disinfecting procedures, physical distancing measures...
    • An example template is here
  • EHS 207 training completion
  • Physical distancing requirements met
  • Face coverings used appropriately
  • Hand sanitizer available, or hand washing station readily available
  • Disinfecting supplies available