Working Close During COVID-19

November 10, 2020

If two people need to be closer than six feet for lab work, training, maintenance or other activities, the following process needs to be applied:

  1. All required campus training and COVID-19 testing is current for affected individuals.
  2. Think creatively about all available options. 
    • Can it be done by zoom?
    • Are there portions that don't require closeness? 
    • Is there an alternate methodology?
  1. If you cannot eliminate the need, both persons should wear their cloth face masks and a face shield.
  2. Work should be performed in ventilated spaces without recirculated air and operable windows and doors should remain opened (if appropriate).  
  3. If the process that requires this closeness occurs more than once a week or is more than 15 minutes long, please submit procedure to for review.