Working Close During COVID-19

July 8, 2021

If unvaccinated people need to work closer than 6-feet apart for lab work, training, maintenance or other activities with others, the following process needs to be applied:

  1. Participants shall be current for all required campus training and COVID-19 testing.
  2. Think creatively about all available options. 
    • Can it be done by Zoom?
    • Are there portions that don't require close proximity work? 
    • Is there an alternate methodology?
  1. If close proximity work cannot be eliminated, unvaccinated persons should wear their cloth face mask or a properly fitted N95 for voluntary use (voluntary N95 use requires review of Appendix D - contact EH&S for guidance). Vaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering.
  2. Work should be performed in ventilated spaces without recirculated air and operable windows and doors should remain open (if appropriate).  

Face coverings are recommended outdoors for people who are not fully vaccinated if six feet of distance between people cannot be maintained.